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A peaceful world can only come from peaceful people.
So the beginnings of World Peace lie within each of us.

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Get in quick for Christmas
NEXT Christmas, give a gift that isnít all tinsel and candy. You know the meaning of Christmas is much more than getting presents, puddings, crackers and the endless queues in the shops.

Christmas means much more.

This year, give your loved ones something of the Lord that will give them endless inspiration all year through.

Weíre proud to sell them and youíll be proud to give them.

(Donít you deserve something nice this Christmas too?)

Our ChIRches calendar! All the months are especially crafted views of churches shot using very special infrared (IR) techniques to bring a view of the Lordís creation that mere eyes alone cannot perceive. Life as a carer is one long hectic list of things to do, places to go Ė but how many of them are for the carer?

As a carer you are in charge, sometimes sole charge, of looking after someone else but who looks after you?

Itís impossible to stress how important it is to look after yourself Ė after all, who will be there to provide the care that you do if you are no longer able?

This calendar just offers twelve steps into another world Ė just for you. If only for a brief moment they are your passport into a place and a time where caring is not part of your life. A guilt-edged guilt-free break that will help you to keep on helping others.

Donít carerís deserve at least that?

These calendars are very special gifts. Priced from AUD$33 (excluding postage) they are not the usual cheap mass produced products available in stores.

Copyright 2010 Chris

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