Towards Peace BlueTowards Peace
A peaceful world can only come from peaceful people.
So the beginnings of World Peace lie within each of us.

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That’s all in the past now.
For the Lonely
Of purposed death
Governments change .....
I hear the wind in the dead of night
Albert Goes to Heaven
Radio God Is On the Air
Governments change .....
But suffer still, the little children.


Hark! The birds of prey assemble,
and blood drips from their sharpened beaks,
So our leaders do resemble,
Hear their pre-election shrieks,

Clouds of doom are fast approaching,
Despair - the mood of every man,
Greed and hate are thus encroaching,
on each and every life they can.

Portents of an evil morrow,
Mongers of a violent age,
Spreaders of the world’s sad sorrow,
Breeders of the world’s new rage.

Suffer all the little children,
Victims of a world insane,
Of war, of sickness, and of famine,
Losers in a world of gain

Copyright 2007 Chris

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