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A peaceful world can only come from peaceful people.
So the beginnings of World Peace lie within each of us.

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The whole point of this web site is really to achieve world peace. I guess the title is a bit of a giveaway there. But rather than try to change the world (which is the aim) I prefer to change the individual which then leads to the changing of the world.

To quote the Dalai Lama:

"Without inner peace, it is impossible to have world peace."
His Holiness Dalai Lama

Or - as the motto of this site says - a peaceful world will only ever come from peaceful people.

Unless you populate the world with a people that have only love and peace in their hearts then the only alternative to war that you will get is ’interlude’. In other words, until we are a peaceful race then wars will keep happening - even if we do get brief respites of calm. A calm, by the way, that is usually only achieved through violence and oppression.

Now I don’t care if you believe in God or you don’t. While, as a Christian oriented site, this can be a useful advantage, it is not necessary for peace. Buddhists know that you cannot achieve enlightenment with a heart full of hatred (or any mental negativity). This site uses prayers that sometimes relate to God, sometimes to Jesus. If you find this difficult or even offensive, then check out a different prayer, story, poem or whatever. I have tried to take value from many traditions - I do not see them as competing but - if followed with a good heart - complimentary. Check out the story on Religious Tolerance as an example of what I mean.

My old grandma used to say ’Look after the pennies, and the pounds will look after themselves". This is essentially the truth. A world full of compassionate, patient and loving people does not engage in war. Even if our world leaders all got together to drive forward policies of peace, even if the U.S. spent hundreds of billions of dollars on peace rather than on war, we’d still have war until each and every one of us took on the peaceable challenge personally. If not strictly war between countries, we’d still have civil war, or criminal war (which could be a mugging, a domestic, or a burgulary).

This web site goes only a tiny way towards the creation of a peaceful world. Maybe it might lead only one or two down the right track. But at least it is a start, a start down a road that can only lead to greater joy and happiness.

Read the prayers, the stories, the plays and the poetry. Consider the meditations, buy the gifts (if you feel like it). Follow the links. It is a journey that our world must take if it aims to be here in a hundred years time.

Copyright 2008 Chris

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