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Proverbs 31 :10-31 The Capable Wife
The Busy Christians
Three Perspectives
Who Wants To Be A Heavenly Star?
The Busy Christians
But whose busiest for God?
Itís a little like Martha and Mary perhaps, only here the question concerns how much work is done inside the church versus outside it. Both are needed of course.
MARY Hey, Martha, have you read the latest issue of Christian Magazine?
MARTHA The one with the test to find your spiritual gifts?
MARY Yeah - did you take it?
MARTHA I looked at it. But I didnít take the test. I already know what my spiritual gifts are.
MARY You do?
MARTHA Yes. (starts reading the bible)
MARTHA (says nothing and keeps reading the bible)
MARY Well, arenít you going to ask me what my spiritual gifts are?
MARTHA Huh? Oh, Iím sorry. Iím a little preoccupied. A lady in the hospital asked me a question about the Bible and I wasnít sure how to answer. What was the question again?
MARY My spiritual gifts.
MARTHA Oh, yes. So, what are your spiritual gifts?
MARY Actually, according to the test, I have THREE spiritual gifts. I have the gift of teaching, and the gift of helping and the gift of lateral thinking.
MARTHA Three gifts! Thatís nice.
MARY I thought youíd be interested.
MARTHA So, what church groups are you in?
MARY Groups?
MARTHA Yes. You know, serving others in the church? What church groups are you in?
MARY I thought we were talking about my spiritual gifts.
MARTHA Youíre kidding, right?
MARY No. I donít see the connection.
MARTHA Donít tell me that with all those gifts youíre not in any Church groups?
MARY No. So what?
MARTHA So, let me get this right. You have a gift for teaching, but youíre not in the Sunday school?
MARY Well, noÖ.
MARTHA And you have a gift for helping people, but youíre not in the Care and Friendship or Community mission groups?
MARY Well, no, but....
MARTHA And you have a gift for lateral thinking but youíre not in Worship and Learning?
MARY No! I donít really have the time for those.
MARTHA There are seven days and seven nights per week. Are you saying you donít have even one night per week to use your gifts to serve the Lord?
MARY No, you see what with bowling, tennis, letter writing, and adult education Ė Iím learning pottery by the way.
MARTHA (turns to audience, bows head and closes eyes)
MARY Was it something I said?
MARTHA Iím praying.
MARY Is that one of your gifts?
MARTHA Just a moment, let me finish. (pauses, looks up) Thank you, Lord. Now, where were we?
MARY Is praying one of your gifts?
MARTHA Yes. Iím in the Prayer chain. I was praying that you could find some time in your busy life for God.
MARY Thank you, that is considerate. What were youíre other gifts?
MARTHA The gift of listening.
MARY Good, thatíll come in handy. Try doing it now.
MARTHA What do you mean?
MARY Thereís nothing wrong with being in different Church groups Ė they are very important - but I have a busy life and a very hectic social schedule which doesnít leave much time for the various Church groups. But that doesnít mean I donít use my spiritual gifts.
MARTHA No, you play bowls instead.
MARY Thatís right. Let me tell you about my week.
MARTHA Iím all ears.
MARY Well, Monday I go bowling. Itís just a group of girls, and itís our way of sharing some good times together. Some of them have had a bit of a rough time, one way or another, and we bowl and talk, and it helps make life a little bit more bearable. On Tuesday and Thursdayís I do pottery. I love it Ė itís true. You start with a lump of clay and it becomes a vase. It reminds me of how we were formed from dust by the Lordís hand. Thereís a little boy who comes along Ė only about ten Ė and we were talking about it just the other day. He wanted to know about Adam and Eve. We had a nice chat. Actually, you know his mother Ė Brenda. She started coming to our church a month or so ago. On Sunday, as I say, I sometimes have to catch up on my notes and letter writing. Did you read my letter in last weekís paper - about refugees?
MARTHA No, Iím not really interested in Refugees.
MARY Perhaps you should be. They donít always print the letters, but sometimes they do. I also send letters of thanks to the volunteers at the hospital and the nursing homes. On Saturday Ö
MARTHA Alright, I get the picture. So you treat all these other people to your gifts, but ignore the Church. Donít you think we deserve your gifts more than people who donít even bother to go to church?
MARY (says nothing)
MARTHA I said donít you think you should use your gifts on your fellow congregation?
MARY What was the question that the lady in the hospital asked you Ė the one you were having trouble with?
MARTHA What? Oh, that. Nothing really. She wanted to know why Jesus went to dinner with tax collectors, associated with outcasts and befriended a prostitute.
MARY And do you know the answer?
MARTHA Nope! Makes no sense to me.
MARY Try praying about it.
Copyright 2007 Chris

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