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25 years ago
A Prayer for Unity
Lord God, our Heavenly Guardian, hear this our prayer.

Firstly, let us pray that all who read this prayer will do so in it’s entirety, stopping not at some part with which they agree, nor at some part at which they disagree.

Secondly, we pray that we might all remember the commandment given by the Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior: Love One Another (John 13:34) Sometimes, Lord, this seems to be the most challenging commandment of all, yet how necessary it really is.

We pray for the many who have gone before us, the many Saints who provided the foundations of our faith. The misunderstood, the martyrs, and the misfits – moving in the face of convention, but guided always by the Spirit. Sometimes reinforcing, sometimes changing. Always bringing us closer to You.

Holy Lord, Let us pray for the many who are struggling with change. For those who struggle for change, and those who struggle against it. All seeking to serve You; All trying to be Your people. Yet - through different ideals, different interpretations, and different understandings - all seeing only too plainly their own points of view whilst missing everybody else’s. Bless all of these good people. Grant them the wisdom and insight to remember, above all, that commandment of love.

Oh wondrous God, we try to put You into a box. But You will not be contained. You are smaller than the smallest atom, yet larger than all of the universe. Our imagination cannot conceive You. Our brains cannot explain You. Only our heart can truly know You. Forgive us when we think with our heads, instead of feeling with our hearts. Forgive us when we claim sovereignty over You. Forgive us when we pretend secret insight into Your will.

Because, Father, we sometimes forget that we are all handcrafted, unique, individuals. Despite a world population of six billion people, no two of us are created the same. Not even identical twins. So, if we read the same scriptures yet understand them differently, or if we each feel that we have a monopoly on truth, or if we are apt to dismiss each other’s views as wrong purely because they are not our own views, forgive us.

So finally, Lord, let us pray for the unity of the Church.

Not for unity of belief, because while we share a common vision, You have purposely created us as individuals, with different understandings, experiences and beliefs.

Instead we pray for unity of faith - that despite our differences, through love and tolerance, we might all be one with You.

After all, how could one single, limited viewpoint do You justice?


Copyright 2007 Administrator

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