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A peaceful world can only come from peaceful people.
So the beginnings of World Peace lie within each of us.

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Three Perspectives
If you remember the classic David Frost íCLASSí sketch with John Cleese, Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett, then this one may feel a bit familiar. I so liked the original that I produced this one. Itís not as good, of course, but does highlight a point. Maybe you might get something out of it .....
Person A I am modestly set-up. Not rich or what youíd call wealthy, but Iím doing ok.
Person B I am a low-income earner. Iím paying off my own home and things get tight sometimes.
Person C Iím unemployed. We get rent subsidy. Itís hard.
Person A I have a wife. She doesnít have to work.
Person B I have a wife and three kids. She works in the supermarket. She says sheís the oldest checkout chick in the business.
Person C My husband left me and the kids two years ago. Said he was sick of it.
Person A I had a Holden Commodore but I traded it in on a BMW. Whatís wrong with having a nice car? The insurance is a bit high, but you need a little luxury. I think I deserve it.
Person B My old gas guzzler is ok. Itís noisy, and costís me a bit to run. But it goes.
Person C I walk a lot.
Person A I own several rental properties. I run stocks too. I use broadband Internet to monitor the share prices. I lead a very busy lifestyle.
Person B I work in a factory. We make sprockets. I work from 8 to 4.30. We have to work overtime, but most of it goes to the government in tax.
Person C Every time I go for a job, thereís at least fifty other people there. I want to work, but no one will give me a chance.
Person A I take my wife and children out at least once a week for a meal. I usually manage two or three business lunches with associates. I manage my weight by spending an hour a day in my home gym or on the golf course. I take a glass of red with every meal, for my health.
Person B We try to go to Maccaís at least one Saturday a month, but itís quite costly with the three kids. When I get home from work Iím too tired to do anything. I just watch TV, down a couple of beers, and go to bed.
Person C We donít go out. The teleís free. I gave up smoking Ė it cost too much. I get home-brand lemonade for the kids.
Person A I pay over sixty-five thousand dollars in tax every year. Itís a disgrace. Just to support people like that (indicates C)
Person B I pay over ten thousand dollars in tax every year. The tax rates should be lower for us low-income earners. Weíd be better off if it wasnít for the dole bludgers(looks at C)
Person C I donít earn enough to pay tax.
Person A Iíd employ him (points to B) but not THAT (points to C)
Person B I wouldnít slave my guts out for HIM (points to A). She (points to C) wouldnít know what work was.
Person C I just want a job.
Person A I have lots of acquaintances. I just have to click my fingers and they all come running. When I throw a party, thereís never any shortage of guests.
Person B I go drinking with me mates, and they come round now and then. Sometimes we go on a pub crawl.
Person C Iíve made a few friends at my Church. They come round and cheer us up. Sometimes they bring a packet of biscuits, and weíll pray, and laugh together. I do odd jobs round the Church sometimes. I suppose itís a labour of love.
Person A Iím comfortable, but not rich. There are plenty of people better off than me. Iím just a normal person.
Person B Heís one of the ĎHAVEís. Iím one of the ĎHAVE NOTís. Iím like that ĎLazarusí guy in the bible, at the rich manís gate. It isnít fair. Almost everyone is better off than me.
Person C Weíre lucky really. Thereís usually something to eat and drink, and the kids have a yard to play in. It could be worse.
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