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Prepare to be amused and amazed but above all, moved.
"And some fell into good soil and grew and yielded a hundredfold" Luke 8:8a

Arables is a new book written by Christopher James. Itís a collection of short stories to strengthen, grow and perhaps even challenge your Christian faith. They donít aim to change what you believe, just encourage you to think about more about it. In addition to some of the stories on this website, there are a number of previously unpublished pieces. Click through the preview for a contents list and the first story.

When are you beyond redemption?
Exclusivity and its dangers?
Women in the Church?
Commitments, commitments!
The technology of faith.

These are just some of the concepts that Arables presents to us with a unique style and humour all of its own.

Whether you are a committed Christian or just on the fringe, Arables is thought provoking and entertaining.

Prepare to be amused and amazed but above all, moved.

Make sure you buy your copy today!

Of course, if you are nervous about using your credit card online, then email me via query @ and I can order payment via Australian Money Order or Paypal.

Copyright 2008 Chris

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Serenity Calendar Now Available!

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