Towards Peace BlueTowards Peace
A peaceful world can only come from peaceful people.
So the beginnings of World Peace lie within each of us.

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Lifeís Road
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The Road Lifeís Road
Life is a road that we all must travel, and death the destination that we all share. Some of us travel further than others, and the road may often look different to each of us. But as we all take that spiritual journey, there will be hard times, and easier times; times for laughing, and times for crying. At the end of the road there lies what?

The way ahead may seem hard at times but you never really walk it on your own, whatever you think. It may seem deserted, a dry and dusty track leading to nowhere. But looks may be deceiving. Many have passed that way before, many will follow. And the great majestic Love that some of us call God walks always with us.

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