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A peaceful world can only come from peaceful people.
So the beginnings of World Peace lie within each of us.

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Removing the walls we erect between God and ourselves

Hey, don’t forget to check out our wonderful collection of Calendars which are perfect images to meditate on!
Cross-legged, uncomfortable and half-in a trance. Gurus, Yogis and flower-power! Ok, so that is what meditation isnt! Donít be disturbed by comedy portrayals of these wonderful techniques. Meditation is a wonderful way to remove some of the barriers that we (not God!) erect between ourselves and God.

There are many forms of meditation, and I am not even going to try to cover even a hundredth of them. Know only that despite the stereotypical images you may have been exposed to, they each offer some wonderful advantage that has served Christians, Buddhists and many, many others for years on end.

Did you know that prayer can be a form of meditation?
And meditation can be a form of prayer?

For the sake of this site (generally but not specifically) I have put together a collection of images and thoughts to meditate on. There are also some íinspirationalí pictures too.

Just contemplate them - donít study them or try to memorize them. Print them out if you like. Try to relax yourself (a contradiction in terms!) and allow yourself to absorb the image or words - allowing them to filter through the different layers of consciousness.

Needless to say, all are copyright, but you are free to use them in your personal meditations or as part of any worship service.

Copyright 2008 Chris

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