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25 years ago
What Jesus Did
I’d like to invite you all to join with me in this week’s Prayers of the People.

Lord, we heard today not only the story of Jesus and the daughter of Jairus, but also of ’the woman’ whose faith cured her, not only of chronic illness, but of chronic alienation because of the nature of that illness. In the simplicity of this story, you show us much that we can learn.

Jesus found the time to care.

Lord, Life is busy. In some ways, it has never been busier. Even when we are not working, there are so many other things that must be done. There is often so little time. Even when our motives are good and our ends are just, we often don’t take time out on our journey. What did we miss as we sped here today? Who did we not call during the week, who needed our call?

Lord, Just as Jesus took time out to speak to ’the woman’ on his way to visit Jairus’ sick child, we also need to take time out. We pray that we might remember to spend a little time with those who need us, be they family, friends, or strangers.

And Lord, may we take time out, also, to spend with you.

Jesus dared to touch the untouchables

Lord, Due to the nature of her illness, ’The Woman’ was ’ritually unclean’. She was an untouchable. She was shunned. Because of her sickness. Because of her condition.

Lord, we confess that even in today’s so-called enlightened times, we still shun others, because of their conditions.

We step over the homeless and hurry home. We look away from the poor, and into shop windows. We lock up asylum seekers, in the name of our own freedom. We forget the aged, though they never forgot us. We distance those with AIDS, and other illnesses, just in case.

Lord, we pray that we might be more like Jesus. By his most perfect of examples, may our hearts be opened, so that we might also touch the untouchables.

The Light That Shines On All

Lord, ’The Woman’ was a woman. And women were not allowed to associate with men, outside the home. They were permanently segregated. Inferiors.

Yet, just as your light shines on men and women alike, without discrimination, so does Jesus’ love flow out to all, regardless of whether they are men or women, regardless of their race, their colour, or their political views.

Lord, our world seems to be full of discrimination, inequality, intolerance and conflict. We pray for a calmer, more just world, where your people are appreciated for their differences, rather than persecuted because of them.

And Lord, we pray for a peaceful world.

We pray for a true ceasefire between Israel and Palestine. We pray a peaceful end to the so-called 21 day war in Iraq We pray for peace and stability in the Solomon Islands

We pray that your unconditional love might shine down upon all people, dispelling the shadows of fear and prejudice.

Your Church

Jairus was an official of the local synagogue, whose daughter was near death.

So, Lord, we pray for our elders, the church council, and our congregation and for our Minister.

And, we take time out to pray for (insert names)

And Lord, we spend a moment or two to name in silence those who we cannot name aloud.

Jesus said, "Who touched me?"

Jesus invites us all to touch him, just as ’the woman’ did. And when we do, we know that he will have time for us, who ever we are.

We pray that our faith will be as strong as ’the woman’s faith.

Lord, Help us to touch Jesus in our lives, every day, so that Jesus may touch us.

In the name of Christ, we pray.


Copyright 2007 Administrator

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